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About Advanced Piping Products


We’re proud to belong to a diverse group of associations. Certifications acquired through this involvement enable us to actively participate in the local and national business community.
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Careers at APP

We’re always looking for talented individuals to join our corporate family with the same passion and gusto as the rest of the team.
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Advanced Piping Products (APP) is a certified Women-Owned Business and leading U.S.-based pipe support manufacturer with international distribution. We offer a variety of pipe supports and associated products—including pipe shoes, pipe restraints, pipe hangers, and more—to domestic and international customers for both standard and custom projects. 

As an American pipe support manufacturer, APP aims to provide the highest level of customer service to its clients, as well as the highest-quality piping products available.

APP has been in operation since 1991. That’s 30 years of experience successfully supplying North America and the rest of the world with advanced piping solutions.


Why Trust APP?

The world's leading energy, chemical, and engineering companies rely on APP pipe supports for their projects that need to be on time and on budget. APP is a trusted pipe support partner that provides robust and durable piping products that extend the life of piping systems. 

APP clients have access to APP’s knowledgeable and helpful experts who ensure your success and solve your business’s challenges with specialized piping solutions. ProTek, AeroTek, and CryoTek products provide technically advanced methods for enhancing and strengthening piping systems.


What Does APP Deliver?

Partner with a manufacturer that offers in-depth knowledge sharing and education that allows you and your team to move any project forward with confidence. Whether you need 100 or 10,000 pipe supports and accessories, APP seeks to help you with your project or bid.


What Is APP’s Goal?

For a long time, our goal was to deliver the industry’s highest-quality, most advanced piping products. We’ve achieved that.

Our new goal? To use those products, our expertise, and the proactive, productive relationships we foster to help you expand your business’s possibilities into new realities.

Explore the wide range of standard and custom piping products available around the world, and reach out to an APP professional if you have any questions.

How Does Working with a Certified Women-Owned Business Benefit Your Business?

APP Manufacturing is a certified Women-Owned Business (WBE)—something that may come as a bit of a surprise in an industry where women have long been underrepresented. Wondering what that means for your business? If you’re working in the piping industry, it could present more opportunities for your company than you realize, including competitive pricing and diverse perspectives. Read "APP: Women in Manufacturing" to learn more about working with a WBE.