ProTek Composite Wear Pads

Key Features

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Cost Savings Now, Stronger Pipes in the Future

Our composite wear pads are made to lengthen the lifespan of your piping systems, and make your job easier in the process. Pads are built to withstand extreme temperatures, fit precisely to pipes, and fight off corrosion. These long-lasting supports stop the corrosion that comes from metal-on-metal contact. And despite being extremely durable, you won’t have to worry about welding or specialized installation. They’re built to keep all costs low, simplify installation, and boost the lifespan of your pipes.

A pre-roughened interior boosts bonding strength and simplifies installation, eliminating the high costs of field installation or welding.
Our pads fit precisely to pipes and seal them off from corrosive materials like dust, salt, or contaminants.
Robust design eliminates metal-on-metal contact and prevents corrosion in extreme conditions.
Simple installation with our powerful epoxy system means no measuring, no guesswork, and no messes.
They are made in the U.S.A. with locally sourced raw materials.
They are UV-protected, chemical resistant, and designed to excel in harsh heat and cold.
Competitive pricing and in stock with owner discounts are available.

ProTek Composite Wear Pad Specifications

Simple Facts With Optional Tabs Behind


Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)

Maximum Compressive Strength (ASTM E8)

53,000 lbs.

Temperature Range

-320°F to +400°F


Our simple installation process requires no welding, hot work permits, or highly skilled personnel; only using our EX-100 epoxy, static mixing nozzle, and applicator gun.

Custom Manufacturing

Available in virtually any thickness, degrees of coverage and length

Standard Sizes

Pipe Size Thickness Angle "A" Length 
Up to 4” ¼” 90° 12”
6” to 10” ¼” 60° 12”
12” to 20” ¼” 30° 12”
24” & up ⅜” 30° 12”

Product FAQs

How long do wear pads last?

Our composite supports are designed to outlive your actual piping system. We have supports that have been used in Gulf-area production applications for more than 20 years.

How strong is your wear pad system?

One of our clients approached us with issues encountered on a 36-inch line filled with crude that was sitting on a metal beam. They wanted to know if our composite material would be able to handle this load. They asked us to perform a compressive test to prove that it could handle 26,000 pounds. We tested our standard (¼-inch thick, 30-degree coverage, 12-inch long) wear pad on a 10-inch-diameter, 1-inch-thick pipe. We had to stop the test at 54,000 pounds when the massive pipe began to ovalize. However, the wear pad remained intact! Because our composite material is flexible and not brittle, the point of contact with the steel grew as the pipe ovalized. Thus, as the pipe ovalized, the increased footprint of our wear pad allowed for even greater support.

How do APP’s wear pads differentiate from those of competitors?

Our wear pads come with an easy-to-follow installation system and guide—saving you time on the front end, and over the lifetime of the piping system.

Can you use wear pads on painted pipe?

You can—however, many customers choose to install the support on bare pipe and then paint the entire system in one step.

Can you paint the wear pad?

Yes, you can absolutely paint the wear pad.

What is the temperature range of wear pads?

ProTek Composite Wear Pads have a dynamic temperature range of -320 degrees Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the standard sizes of wear pads?

0.75"- 4" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 90-degree coverage, 12" long

6"- 10" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 60-degree coverage, 12" long

12"- 22" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 30-degree coverage, 12" long

24+" NPS = 0.375" thickness, 30-degree coverage, 12" long

What is your standard ProTek Composite Wear Pad size?

Our ProTek Composite Wear Pad dimensions are available in the same dimensions used for metallic wear pads. This allows our composite wear pads to be a direct replacement on specifications and requires only minimal change to existing pipe system designs. Most ProTek Composite Wear Pads are:

Thickness: ¼ of an inch, which requires only minimal changes to the BOP (bottom of pipe) dimension

Length: 12 or 14 inches long to allow for ease of installation and protection during expansion and contraction

Although standard degrees of coverage were designed for pipe resting on an I-beam, actual degrees of coverage vary based on pipe size and application. However, the interaction between the pipe and I-beam is only a few degrees, and our standard is based on pipe size in order to cut down on material cost and help keep prices low.

Can you make custom sizes?

Yes, custom sizes are also conveniently available for purchase.

Which wear pads do you stock?

We stock all of our standard sizes:

  • 0.75"- 4" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 90 degree coverage, 12" long
  • 6"- 10" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 60 degree coverage, 12" long
  • 12"- 22" NPS = 0.25" thickness, 30 degree coverage, 12" long
  • 24+" NPS = 0.375" thickness, 30 degree coverage, 12" long

How long does it take to install a composite wear pad?

On average, a wear pad should take no more than five minutes to install using entry-level personnel. Our wear pad installation instructions consist of nine steps and are one page long. Our two-part epoxy system is housed in a two-part cartridge that is placed in a two-part epoxy applicator and dispensed through a static mixing nozzle. Once again, we use this system to minimize human error. Most two-part epoxy systems use two containers and are mixed by hand using an exact mix ratio that can easily be mixed incorrectly. Our system is as easy as squeezing a caulking gun.

What is the epoxy cure time?

  • Tack-free in about four hours
  • Time to handling strength in six hours

Which factors impact wear pad installation time?

Temperature, user skill, and environmental conditions are a few factors that impact installation time. However, our ProTek Composite Wear Pad system can be installed in less than five minutes with minimal skill.

Can I install in extreme temperatures?

Temperature affects all things due to the expansion and contraction of surfaces. In addition, temperature can slow cure times or accelerate them. The more ambient the installation environment, the better.

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