Protek Composite Wear Pads

APP’s ProTek Composite Wear Pads are in stock and designed to prevent metal-to-metal contact in piping systems. They effectively isolate the pipe from contact with I-Beams, guides or concrete supports. These areas are the most susceptible to corrosion and cost millions to repair and maintain. Our wear pads are the most cost effective solution to piping system corrosion.

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Wear Pad

Wear Pad Installation (pdf)
The wear pad can be installed before or after paint/coating is applied, during fabrication or in the field.

Wear Pad Manufacturing
The wear pad is manufactured to the exact outer diameter of the pipe for a precise fit and seal. The inside is pre-roughened ID to NACE 1 coating specification to provide anchor profile for epoxy.

Epoxy Adhesive (EX-100)
The epoxy system has 2,500 psi of shear strength and ensures an impermeable seal for the lifetime of the pipe. MSDS (pdf)

ProTek Composite Wear Pads Specifications
Composition APP-VEFR
Maximum Compressive Strength 53,000 lbs. per ASTM E8
Temperature Range -320°F to +400°F
Installation EX-100 Epoxy System, installation video in English or Spanish
Required accessories
  • Epoxy (6 oz. cartridge)
  • Static mixing nozzle
  • Epoxy applicator gun
Custom manufacturing Available in any thickness, degrees of coverage and length
  • In stock and available for immediate shipping
  • Low cost of installation: no welding, hot work permits or highly skilled personnel required
  • Product minimizes maintenance and operational costs throughout the lifetime of the piping system
  • Our Wear Pad inside diameter precisely matches outer diameter of pipe
  • Our Wear Pad Inside Diameter (ID) is pre-roughened for exceptionally high epoxy-to-wear pad bonding strengths as verified by ASTM D5528-01
  • We provide on-site installation training and inspection services for all fabricators, constructors and end users that install our products at no charge
Standard Sizes
Pipe Size Thickness Angle “A” Length
Up to 4” ¼” 90° 12”
6” to 10” ¼” 60° 12”
12” to 20” ¼” 30° 12”
24” & Larger ⅜” 30° 12”
Part Numbers Download a complete list of part numbers (pdf)
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