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The performance of piping systems everywhere rest on APP — literally. APP's pipe supports prevent harmful corrosion through the many phases of petroleum storage, processing, energy and chemical production. When your pipes last longer, your business flows smoothly. Read on to learn more about our work in your industry.

Cold/Cryogenic Service

The cryogenic temperatures required for ethylene production have led to the development of the CryoTek Pipe Shoe.
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The harsh marine atmosphere experienced by FPSO’s and production platforms is a fertile environment for composite materials to protect against the elements of high humidity and temperature.
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Above ground pipeline supports, compressor/pump stations, dehydration, separation and metering facilities all benefit from the mitigation of corrosion provided by composite ProTek Wear Pads and Pipe Shoes.
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Our ProTek product line has been used for major expansions, turn-arounds and regular maintenance projects.
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APP plays an important supporting role in bringing affordable petroleum products to the world by preventing pipe corrosion and saving our refining clients millions of dollars in maintenance and installation costs.
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AeroTek Wear Pads and ProTek Pipe Shoes can protect the piping between the solar collectors, steam generators and turbines, including condensate return lines, from abrasion due to thermal expansion and from corrosion under insulation at pipe supports.
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