ProTek Pipe Shoes

Key Features


Provide Optimal Support with ProTek Pipe Shoes

APP’s ProTek Pipe Shoe is a UV-resistant, non-metallic solution for elevated or insulated piping systems at the support points. It has 150,000 lbs. of compressive strength, a temperature range of -320°F to +400°F and is resistant to chemical attack. It is the optimal support for insulated or elevated piping systems in plants or refineries, both onshore and offshore.

Pipe is fastened to the shoe by stainless steel bands, which eliminates need for welding or hot work permits.
Compartments in the body create airtight chambers that eliminate any thermal transfer
Weight is 1/5 of metallic shoe
Customization available

ProTek Pipe Shoe Specifications

ProTek Pipe Shoe Specifications



Maximum Compressive Strength

150,000 lbs.

Temperature Range

-320°F to +400°F


The pipe is fastened to the shoe by stainless steel bands.

Required Accessories

  • 2 ea. ¾” stainless steel bands
  • 2 ea. ¾” banding clips
  • Banding tool
  • Silicone

Custom Manufacturing

Available in any pipe diameter, height and length


  • Resilient to chemical and UV attack.
  • Our composite, non-conductive material does not promote heat transfer, unlike metallic shoes, keeping the line at a constant temperature.
  • Lightweight composite material allows for ease of installation and transportation.
  • Installed using two stainless steel bands, effectively eliminating the need for welding and avoiding metal-to-metal contact. Can be installed in a fraction of the time it takes to install a metallic shoe and does not require skilled labor.

Standard Sizes

Pipe Size Width Height Length
½” to 3” 4” 4” 12"
4” to 6” 5.5” 4” 14"
4” to 16” 5.5” 6” 18"

Product FAQs

Does APP typically recommend insulating the pipe shoes?

The ProTek pipe shoe is designed to be used with either insulated or non-insulated pipes.

Does the bottom of the pipe typically come directly in contact with the ProTek pipe shoes?

Yes, the pipe typically sits directly on the pipe shoe.

Can guides be used with ProTek shoes?

Yes, typical guides fit well over the flanges of the ProTek shoes.

Can anchor or stops be used with ProTek shoes?

Yes, there are several custom options to consider.

Can weep holes be added to the compartments for condensation to escape?

Yes, this can be done in the shop or in the field with a drill.

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