Isolators are a cost-effective way to protect uninsulated piping systems from many of the common issues piping systems face like metal to metal contact, friction damage, and galvanic corrosion.

Check out your options below and let us know what we can do to help you defend your piping.


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ProTek Wear Pads

Our ProTek Wear Pads are a robust barrier to protect the piping system from degradation at support points. Attachment to the pipe allows the protection to always be where you need it.
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ProTek Flat Plates

Our ProTek Flat Plates are made of the same material as the ProTek Wear Pads and are used to protect flat surfaces from friction, corrosion, and wear.
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ProTek Slide Plates

Our Protek Slide Plates offer a quality solution to friction challenges. We offer various low coefficient bearing surfaces with an array of backing plates to fit your application.
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ProTek Rods

Our ProTek Rods serve as a barrier between the pipe support. These rods effectively prevent pipe corrosion and prolong the life of your piping system.
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ProTek Packages

Our ProTek Packages are the complete solution when corrosion is your number one concern. Combining the ProTek Wear Pad, ProTek Lined U-Bolts, and ProTek Flat Plate, you are covered from every angle.
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