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Using Liners to Extend the Life of Pipe Restraints

When it comes to pipe restraints, the role of liners is often underestimated. These features can dramatically extend the life of not only your pipe restraints but also your entire piping system. 

3 Main Types of Pipe Shoes

Want to protect your pipes—and money—in the long run? Don’t overlook the power of pipe shoes. Pipe shoes are a must-have if you want to elevate and support piping. 

5 Important Features of CryoTek Pipe Shoes

If you’re researching pipe shoes, you might have already heard people in the liquid natural gas (LNG) industry recommend CryoTek Pipe Shoes as a new option. And for good reason. These advanced pipe shoes are built to skyrocket your piping system’s...

4 Ways CryoTek Pipe Shoes Extend the Life of Your Pipe System

CryoTek Pipe Shoes have quickly become the premium solution for cooldown systems. Now, piping professionals from across the industry are waking up to the benefits of these pipe supports.

4 Questions About Pipe Corrosion You're Too Afraid to Ask

Have a nagging suspicion about corrosion? It’s best to act now. Ignoring pipe corrosion now could mean burst pipes, major spills, or costly breakdowns in the near future. 

5 Cool Features of T-Style Pipe Shoes

Let’s face it: T-style shoes aren’t known as the most flashy pipe shoes. In fact, they’ve been a staple for so long that most manufacturers don’t know whether to call them “T-style shoes,” “T-styles,” “T-slides,” or something else.

A New Way to Think About Pipe Shoes

What would happen if a professional baseball player stepped out onto the diamond in bowling shoes? Worse yet, what if a powerlifter strapped on cleats before hoisting up hundreds of pounds? 

In either case, the athlete’s performance would suffer....

The Beginner's Guide to Pipe Shoes

Last year, significant pipeline incidents cost companies more than a billion dollars in damage. What’s worse, that figure is more than three times as high as it was the previous year. It’s a stark reminder that your pipes need protection more than...

Tricks to Enhancing Your T-Style Metallic Pipe Shoes

If you’re interested in T-style metallic pipe shoes, you’ve probably run into a tricky issue. They’re a great way to elevate and secure pipes. However, they’re made of metal. With that comes the danger of metal-on-metal corrosion, ruptures, or wear.

What Is a Pipe Shoe?

If you work with a process piping system, you undoubtedly understand how heavy piping, high pressure, and harsh conditions lead to a need for support. You don’t want pipes resting directly on beams or gritty surfaces. That could turn into ruptures,...