What is the difference between a hose, a tube, and a pipe?


 When I came across this questions, I fully expect the answer to be something rather straightforward, and to learn a neat new party fact that applied to pipe hangers and supports, but it's a bit more complicated than that. I'm impressed with...

What is a Repad?

A pad is a pad is a pad, right? Wrong!  But we're the wear pad people, right?! Well  not exactly. Wear pads are what we're more commonly known for, but that's not all that customers request. They send us all sorts of requests and one of the...

The APP VibraTek Hold Down Clamp—Innovation In Action

The APP VibraTek Clamp and Liner is designed to combat breakage, dampen vibration, prevent liner failure, and withstand high-pressure clamp loads.

Chevron’s Big Foot Project Launches—APP Provides Assist

APP supplied custom wear pads designed to the dimensions required for special applications encountered during the build-out. The easy installation of APP wear pads meant Chevron met construction schedules and enjoyed reduced labor costs.

APP Knowledge Base now open for info!

Meet the New APP Knowledge Base. Making More Possible Every Day.

Knowledge Base Spotlight: Corrosion, Stress, Wear and Thermal Concerns in Pipe Support

Corrosion, Stress, Wear, and Thermal Concerns in Pipe Support is one of five current categories featured in our APP Knowledge Base—take a few minutes to peruse the 30+ articles in this section and get answers to your questions.

4,000 APP composite CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads. Zero failures.

What happens when 4,000 APP CryoTek Shoes and Wear Pads have to deliver an impressive performance for the new Cove Point Maryland Natural Gas Project? Hint: There’s a happy ending.

A New Brand Brings Our Future to the Forefront

There’s something different here at APP lately. For a while, it was something you couldn’t put your finger on—it was an intangible thing, but you could see it in the way we’re all committed to delivering the very best experience to our customers....

Pipe supports: What is a pipe shoe?


APP offers two types of composite pipe shoes: ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes and CryoTek Pipe Shoes.

APP Celebrates 25 Years of Pipe Support Innovation

APP celebrated its silver anniversary this February after 25 years of pioneering innovation in the composite pipe support industry. Founded by Jon Carr on February 23, 1991, APP was launched based on a practical vision: composites could provide...