Cold/Cryogenic Service

The cryogenic temperatures required for ethylene production have led to the development of the CryoTek Pipe Shoe. These non-metallic, pre-insulated supports have been used successfully in both ethylene production and LNG transportation around the world. Not only does the composite construction eliminate metal-to-metal corrosion on the pipe, but the monolithic, pre-insulated shoe reduces energy loss due to heat absorption at these ultra-low temperatures. Laboratory testing in liquid nitrogen has shown that the CryoTek IPN Composite Technology resists cracking down to -320°F and withstands compressive forces up to 27,500 psi.

See how our products have solved corrosion issues for many major oil and gas companies below.

Cold/Cryogenic Service Projects

Client/Project Name Location Description  
ABENCS/Abengoa Ethanol Production Indiana/Illinois APP supplied ProTek Pipe Shoes for two Abengoa Ethanol plants, one located in Illinois and the other in Indiana.

Both have a bioethanol production capacity of 90 Mgal a year.
Flint Hills Ethylene Expansion Port Arthur & Corpus Christi, TX APP supplied ProTek Pipe Shoes for the Flint Hills LNG expansion project.  
Golden Pass LNG Sabine, TX APP provided CryoTek Pipe Shoes for the Golden Pass LNG terminal and regasification facility.

The terminal has the capacity to accommodate up to 15.6 million metric tons of LNG per year.
Gulf Pascagoula LNG Pascagoula, MS APP provided approximately 2,000 pipe supports for pipes sized 4" – 36", including the CryoTek Pipe Shoe, contributing to $1M+ in pipe shoe installation savings.

Gulf LNG shortened their installation timeline by six months and became the first LNG project in the United States to use cold composite pipe shoes.
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Kuraray Eval Expansion La Porte, TX APP supplied ProTek Pipe Shoes and insulation blocks for the Kuraray EVAL Expansion project, which increased the plant’s production capacity from 35,000 to 47,000 tons. The EVAL plant produces ethylene vinyl-alcohol copolymers.