Banding Tool

Our Manual Banding Tools are used to install all of our banded pipe supports. It is a compact, portable and easy-to-use tool with tensioning capabilities of over 2,400 lbs. It has a spring-loaded gripper, built-in cutting lever, and an epoxy coating for durability.

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Banding Tool

Coated for Durability
Blue epoxy coating makes the tool virtually impervious to impact, chemicals and corrosion.

Banding Gripper
The tool's spring loaded gripper allows for easy tensioning.

Banding Cutter
Built in cutter prevents the need for a secondary tool to trim the banding after installation.

Banding Tool Specification
Composition Epoxy-coated metal
Manufacturer Spec Band-It C001
Tension Capabilities 2,400 lbs.
Installation Watch pipe shoe installation video
Potential Accessories
  • Banding (BI-C204)
  • Banding Clips (BI-C256)
  • In stock and available for immediate shipping
  • Compact design allows for easy transportation around the job site
  • Contains a built in lever and cutoff tool for easy clasping and separating
  • Spring loaded gripper provides easy operation and tensioning
  • The tool is epoxy coated to provide durability for repeated use
Standard Sizes
Dimension Details
Weight (lbs) 4.4
Weight (kg) 2
Pricing Request Pricing for this product