Pipe Support Products

APP designs, manufactures and stocks a range of pipe supports and complementary products that are simple in appearance, yet remarkably sophisticated. Through exacting standards and rigorous testing, we have perfected the science and engineering of using composite materials to produce the industry’s most effective safeguards against pipe corrosion. Easy to install and extremely durable, our wear pads and pipe shoes save customers time and money — now and later.

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Wear Pads

Composite wear pads isolate pipes from contact with other metals, preventing friction damage and corrosion from metal-to-metal contact.
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Pipe Shoes

Composite pipe shoes eliminate the problems traditionally encountered when trying to control the temperature in your piping system. The shoe eliminates metal-to-metal contact, electrically isolating the pipe and eliminating the need for welding.
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Clamps, Straps and U-Bolts

All piping systems are susceptible to movement and vibration. Our clamps, straps and u-bolts will allow you to keep it under control with our proprietary liners to dampen vibration and prevent corrosion.
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Metal Pipe Supports

APP offers a selection of metallic t-slide pipe shoes that offer either welding attachment or clamped restraints.
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Pipe Hangers

APP offers a complete line of hangers and hardware, ranging from hangers and clamps to structural attachments and rods available in varying sizes and finishes.
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Quality components are a necessity when designing your pipe support systems. These accessories are in stock and will ensure you get the job done right.
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