What Is Scope Creep and How Can You Avoid It?

It’s hard enough protecting pipes when projects go smoothly. But project scope creep can completely sabotage a job.

Unfortunately, most people don’t notice scope creep until a project bloats, deadlines are pushed, and budgets are blown.


What is MSS SP-58? And why does it matter?


MSS SP-58 garners little news coverage. It is not discussed at cocktail parties. In most circles, it is not discussed at all. But if you work with pipe systems, MSS SP-58 standards are likely on your mind. 

In the piping industry, it is...

How to Galvanize Metal to Protect Pipes

Your pipes are in an ongoing fight against corrosion. And once corrosion starts, it can spread quickly and weaken your whole piping system.

What Is a Pipe Anchor?

Need to control movement in your piping system? A pipe anchor could be exactly what you’re looking for. 

4 Cases in Which You Should Use Bolt Clamps in Your Piping System

With so many pipe supports out there, the value of bolt clamps can get lost in the shuffle. But if you want to add support to your pipes, improve pipe performance, and fight off corrosion, these simple clamps may be just what you need. 

3 Tips to Boost Vertical Pipe Support

Gravity is a powerful force, and it can wreak havoc on a piping system. Add gravity’s constant pull to the momentum of high-impact piping systems, and you have a recipe for destruction.

The Dangers of Being Careless When Installing Your Pipe Supports

When you’re dealing with the stress of a large project, it is easy to rush through installation. But when it comes to installing pipe supports, being careless can have devastating effects on your system.

Metallic Pipe Support 101

Thinking about adding pipe supports to your piping system? First, ask yourself one key question: “What material will serve my system the best?”

4 Questions About Pipe Corrosion You're Too Afraid to Ask

Have a nagging suspicion about corrosion? It’s best to act now. Ignoring pipe corrosion now could mean burst pipes, major spills, or costly breakdowns in the near future. 

Quick Guide: Crafting a Winning RFQ Process

If you’re losing bids, it can be both frustrating and costly. Every lost bid is time and energy thrown out the window. But don’t give up hope just yet. There are ways to quickly increase your win rate.