How is metal pipe produced?

Metal pipes have been around all our lives. In fact, the first steel metal pipe is believed to have been developed in London in 1815 by William Murdock to provide fuel for his ingenious coal-burning lamp system. This inventor fused the barrels of...

What is MSS SP-58? And why does it matter?

Burning questions pertaining to the creation and further development of MSS SP-58 has had very little news coverage lately. Surprisingly, the topic is seldom the first topic of conversation at many cocktail parties, except those thrown by APP...

Tired of Waiting on Vendors? You're not alone.


I was putting together a presentation for the team today, and I came across some amazing stats that really showed the struggle that buyers deal with nowadays, and this one has really been on my mind.

Stainless Steel vs Carbon Steel. What's the big deal?

Many of us seldom consider all the differences in steel products. The two most common types are carbon and stainless steel, and they have several unique characteristics.

What's the difference between a 212 Pipe Clamp and a 260 Clevis Hanger?


For the team at APP, comparing the uses and benefits of a fig. 212 Pipe Clamps and fig. 260 Clevis Hangers is an engaging topic. For some others, perhaps, the distinction may be a little vague, yet critical in certain circumstances.

What is the difference between a hose, a tube, and a pipe?


 When I came across this questions, I fully expect the answer to be something rather straightforward, and to learn a neat new party fact that applied to pipe hangers and supports, but it's a bit more complicated than that. I'm impressed with...

What is a Repad?

A pad is a pad is a pad, right? Wrong!  But we're the wear pad people, right?! Well  not exactly. Wear pads are what we're more commonly known for, but that's not all that customers request. They send us all sorts of requests and one of the...

Dominion’s Cove Point LNG is Up and Running

APP is pleased to announce that Dominion’s Cove Point LNG is now open for business – and we congratulate Dominion on a successful launch. This bi-directional facility is equipped to both import LNG/vaporize it as natural gas and to liquefy...

The Top Ten with Wanda Wade—Inside Sales Superstar and Secret Interior Decorating Genius

Wanda Wade is APP’s Inside Sales secret weapon—but she’s so much more. This mother of four talked to us about commitment, delivering on promises, building creative pursuits, overcoming challenging situations, and decorating tips.

The APP VibraTek Hold Down Clamp—Innovation In Action

The APP VibraTek Clamp and Liner is designed to combat breakage, dampen vibration, prevent liner failure, and withstand high-pressure clamp loads.