VibraTek Hold Down Clamp

APP’s VibraTek Hold Down Clamp is the premier solution to problems associated with vibration in piping systems. Our proprietary VibraTek liner is constructed to absorb vibration from compressors and reciprocating equipment to prolong the life of your piping system. We incorporate specialized fiber-backed Teflon to the VibraTek lining to add a low-coefficient of friction to its vibration dampening qualities. In addition to our VibraTek line, we can also line our clamps with your choice of lining materials, from Urethane and Neoprene to sodium etched Teflon, there is no limitation to our services.

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VibraTek Hold Down Clamp
VibraTek Hold Down Clamps Specifications
Composition APP-VibraTek and HB-Teflon
Maximum Compressive Strength 20,000 lbs.
Temperature Range -60°F to +450°F
Installation Field install
Required accessories None
Custom manufacturing Will fabricate to specific dimensions
  • Effectively prevents unwanted and unaccounted for stress to piping and structural components
  • Our liners are created to ensure a consistent thickness and secure bond
  • The VibraTek will not harbor moisture due to its hydrophobic and non-porous properties, significantly reducing the occurrence of corrosion.
  • Our HB-Teflon will not delaminate due to the strong mechanical bond created by fibers infused during manufacturing
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