Lined Hold Down Clamps


APP’s lined hold down clamps are constructed to dampen vibration in piping systems and designed for heavy-load scenarios in high-stress environments, such as compressors and reciprocating equipment. These clamps prolong the life of your piping system. 

We offer numerous hold down clamp liners, including APP’s proprietary dual-layer VibraTek liner, Fabreeka®, Urethane, Neoprene, and sodium-etched Teflon, to meet or exceed your project’s specifications.

Key Features


Proprietary VibraTek Liner

Our most popular liner, the dual-layer VibraTek liner, incorporates specialized fiber-backed Teflon to add a low coefficient of friction between the pipe and the clamp to the liner’s vibration-dampening qualities.

The VibraTek liner has been used in high-stress projects across the world. It minimizes stress to piping and structural components and, because of mechanical bonds created by fibers infused during manufacturing, it won’t delaminate. This liner reduces energy consumption, noise, and costs.

APP’s Lined Hold Down Clamps are robustly built to withstand heavy load scenarios that are experienced in high stress environments such as compressor stations, vibrating or surging pipelines, or vertical applications.
As the pipe size increases - the width is extended and gussets are added for extra support.
Our clamps can be used as guides or anchors based on the bolt holes and can also accommodate height variances for custom support needs.
APP VibraTek Liners are created to ensure a consistent thickness and secure bond.
We are able to line clamps with your choice of liner.

VibraTek Liner Specifications

Simple Facts With Optional Tabs Behind


APP-VibraTek and HB-Teflon

Liner Choices

If VibraTek is not desired, other options include Fabreeka®, Urethane, Neoprene, and sodium-etched Teflon.

Maximum Compressive Strength

20,000 lbs.

Temperature Range

-60°F to +450°F

Required Accessories


Custom Manufacturing

Will fabricate to specific dimensions.

Product FAQs

Is APP able to line the clamps?

Yes — we can line hold down clamps with your choice of lining materials: proprietary dual-layer VibraTek liner, Fabreeka®, Urethane, Neoprene, or sodium-etched Teflon.

Is APP able to manufacture custom sizes of the hold down clamps?

Yes — we can fabricate clamps to your exact dimensions. We can also make them with or without base plates as required.

How are the hold down clamps coated?

Hot-dip galvanization is the most common finish for hold down clamps, but APP is able to paint per your specifications as well.

What is the strength and temperature range?

With the VibraTek liner, the maximum compressive strength is 20,000 lbs with a temperature range of -60°F to +450°F and a tensile strength (ASTM D412) of 725 psi.

Will the hold down clamps delaminate?

No — HB Teflon will not delaminate, thanks to the strong mechanical bond created by the fibers infused during manufacturing.

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