Static Mixers

APP’s Static Mixers (EX-200) are high quality devices used to ensure optimum performance of two-component adhesives by dividing and recombining the materials into a homogeneous stream. Our disposable spiral static mixer is used in conjunction with our epoxy adhesive to ensure that the two parts are mixed thoroughly enough for the base and accelerator to fully react to ensure maximum adhesion.

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Static Mixer

Static Mixer
The static mixer contains 16 mixing elements that combine the two-part epoxy.

Static Mixer Tip
The tip of the static mixer expels the two-part epoxy in the perfect 1:1 ratio.

Static Mixer Base
The base of the static mixer fits securely the epoxy cartridge.

Static Mixer Specifications
Composition Robust light-weight plastic
Pressure Limit 360 psi
Manufacturer Spec Nordson 7700831
Installation Our Static Mixer fits seamlessly into our manual dual component epoxy applicator in conjunction with our epoxy cartridge. It can be used until the epoxy hardens within the housing at which time it should be disposed of and a new one substituted.
Potential Accessories
  • Epoxy (6 oz. cartridge) (EX-100)
  • Manual Dual Component Applicator (EX-500)
Custom Manufacturing Other sizes may be purchased. Inquire with the sales team if you have particular specifications or needs.
  • In stock and available for immediate shipping
  • Ensures optimum performance of adhesive
  • Provides accurate 1:1 ratio control
  • Delivers a no-mess installation procedure
  • Eliminates problems with incorrect measurement or human error
  • Disposable mixer provides easy clean-up
Size Information
Dimension Details
Mixing Elements 16
Element Diameter ¼
Housing Length 5.46”
Tip Orifice 0.09”
Outlet Tip Style Slip Luer
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