Pipe Hangers

To accommodate more of your piping needs, APP houses an inventory of pipe hangers and hardware. We offer many different designs to help fit your needs, including accessories like all thread rods, weldless eye nuts, welded beam attachments, turnbuckles and more. These products are typically hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel, but other finishes and materials are available upon request.

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Pipe Attachments

Pipe attachments used to guide or restrain movement in piping systems. APP offers a full line of steel pipe clamps and clevis to fit your application.
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Structural Attachments

Structural attachments come in all shapes and sizes and are used to connect pipe supports to surrounding stuctures. Whether you need to weld them, bolt them or clamp them, APP has you covered.
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Rods & Hanger Attachments

Rods & Hanger Attachments provide you with all the options needed to safely secure your pipes. APP offers everything from turnbuckles to threaded rods.
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