Ratchet Straps

APP’s Ratchet Straps are ideal for installing our ProTek Wear Pads, Pipe Shoes and CryoTek Pipe Shoes. They are used to apply pressure during installation to hold the part in place while the epoxy cures, ensuring the epoxy is distributed evenly. Our straps are specifically made for pipe and tie into themselves creating an endless loop, unlike ordinary ratchet straps.

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Ratchet Straps

Use the ratchet assembly to tighten strap around the pipe and the support.

Use During Installation
The ratchet strap can be used during installation of the APP ProTek Wear Pads (pictured here), ProTek Pipe Shoes and CryoTek Pipe Shoes.

The strap forms a continuous loop around the pipe and the support.

Ratchet Strap Specification
Composition Metal with rust resistant coating
Working Load Limit 1,000 lbs
Weight Approx. 2.3 lbs
Installation The loose end of the ratchet strap feeds through the ratchet assembly creating a loop. Pull through as much slack as possible and then tighten it around the pipe and the support using the ratchet. It should remain on the assembly until adhesive cures.
Custom Manufacturing Can be made to any custom length
  • In stock and available for immediate shipping
  • Endless design allows for simple installation around a pipe
  • Holds pressure on product and pipe to allow even curing of adhesive
  • Wide handle simplifies tightening and releasing
  • Made in USA, rust resistant, and high strength to weight ratio
Standard Sizes
Pipe Size Range Width Length
6” – 10” 1” 36”*
12” – 14” 1” 48”
16” – 18” 1” 60”
20” – 22” 1” 72”
24” – 28” 1” 88”
30” – 48” 1” 110”

*Note: 36” length can be used for smaller pipe sizes or it can be substituted with zip ties.
Part Numbers Download a complete list of part numbers (pdf)
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