Like refineries, petrochemical production facilities offer many opportunities for the economical solution to galvanic corrosion provided by composite materials. The ProTek Wear Pad will eliminate the problem of corrosion under insulation that plagues many chemical processing plants. VibraTek Hold Down Clamps provide control of pipe movement around dynamic processing equipment while permitting pipe expansion due to thermal effects. A selection of lined pipe straps and coated U-Bolts can offer economic alternatives.

See how our products have solved corrosion issues for many major oil and gas companies below:

Petrochemical Projects

Client/Project Name Location Description  
ExxonMobil Baton Rouge NRD Expansion Baton Rouge, LA; Baytown, TX A shortage of non-road diesel led to a quick-turn timeline for expansion of ExxonMobil’s Baton Rouge NRD facility. APP delivered 5,000 ProTek Wear Pads within three weeks.

ExxonMobil not only met their strict project timeline, but saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in installation costs—APP performed all installation training and developed an installation quality control process to ensure long life for the wear pads.
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ExxonMobil Chemical Multiple USA Sites APP provided ProTek Wear Pads, Cold Shoes and miscellaneous metallic supports for multiple ExxonMobil projects, including the NRD, Elite and numerous maintenance turn-arounds.  
Dow Chemical Deer Park, TX; Freeport, TX APP supplied ProTek Pipe Shoes for a 24” water line. Our product offered a cost-effective solution for isolating a large diameter of pipe and preventing metal-to-metal contact.