Pipe Support Accessories

Our goal at APP is to offer our customers turn-key solutions to their pipe support needs. We carefully select and stocks all accessories that complement our products for maximum efficiency and durability. From the type of applicators used to apply our epoxy, to the stainless steel bands used to secure our pipe shoes and cradles, we pay painstaking attention to detail when making these selections. The end result is an easy to install system that out performs the competition.

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Epoxy Adhesive

APP epoxy Adhesive (EX-100) is a flexible, two-part, room temperature curing epoxy with high overlap shear strength. It is excellent for bonding most substrates and is resistant to chemicals, shocks and extreme temperatures. It is certified for industrial, aircraft and aerospace applications and meets a DOD-A-82720 military specification. It is in stock and used for the installation of our ProTek Wear Pads, ProTek Flat Plate and CryoTek Pipe Shoes.
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Static Mixer

Static Mixers (EX-200) are an engineered device to provide continuous mixing of fluid materials. Our static mixers are in stock and used in conjunction with our epoxy adhesive to ensure that the two parts are mixed thoroughly enough for the base and accelerator to fully react to ensure maximum adhesion.
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Manual Dual Component Applicator

APP’ Manual Dual Component Applicator (EX-500) is a robust, metallic applicator that allows for the epoxy to be dispensed easily and reliably at a constant ratio. The applicator removes issues with human error and cleanliness and will allow for a consistent installation every time.
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APP’s stainless steel banding is in stock and used to secure our ProTek, CryoTek, and AeroTek pipe supports. We have chosen stainless steel for its corrosion resistance and longevity.
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Banding Clips

APP’s stainless steel banding clips are in stock and used to secure our ProTek, CryoTek and AeroTek product line. We have chosen stainless steel for its corrosion resistance and longevity.
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Banding Tool

APP’ hand held banding tool is in stock and used to install the banding and banding clips that are used with our ProTek, CryoTek and AeroTek product line. It is compact, portable and easy to use.
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Silicone Sealant

Our silicone sealant is in stock and used to ensure that contaminants that may cause corrosion are kept out of your piping system. It is used with our ProTek pipe shoe in combination with stainless steel bands.
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Ratchet Strap

Our ratchet straps are ideal for installing our ProTek Wear Pads, Pipe Shoes and CryoTek Pipe Shoes. They are used to apply pressure during installation to hold the part in place while the epoxy cures, ensuring the epoxy is distributed evenly. They are specifically made for pipe and tie into themselves creating an endless loop, unlike ordinary ratchet straps. They are in stock, made in the USA, rust resistant and have very high working load limits.
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