CryoTek Pipe Shoe

APP’s CryoTek Pipe Shoe is a cutting edge, non-metallic pipe support solution for extreme temperature conditions. It is ideal for cryogenic piping systems that involve gas liquefaction, LNG terminals/carriers, ethylene plants or any cryogenic process piping. Although our CryoTek Pipe Shoe was originally developed for use in cryogenic conditions, the shoe also offers unparalleled performance in temperatures up to +400°F. The CryoTek Pipe Shoe is the premier solution for elevated piping systems.

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CryoTek Pipe

Layered, continuous-strand material impregnated in flexible resin

Fire resistant intumescent coating

Foam insulation cores

Internal support beams

CryoTek Pipe Shoe Specifications
Composition Consists of a single monolithic unit, formed under vacuum from continuous strand glass mat in a revolutionary new hybrid thermosetting resin around a core of low-density polyurethane foam insulation.
Maximum Compressive Strength 27,500 lbs. per square inch | Watch us hit a CryoTek Pipe Shoe with a 10-pound sledgehammer (0:45)
Temperature Range -320°F to +400°F
Installation EX-100 Epoxy System
Required accessories
  • Epoxy (6 oz. cartridge)
  • Static mixing nozzle
  • Epoxy applicator gun
  • 2 ea. ¾” stainless steel band per shoe
  • 2 ea. ¾” wing clips bands per shoe
  • Banding tool
Custom manufacturing Available in any diameter, width, height and length
  • Composite VEFR technology does not promote temperature transfer, preventing ice formation and fluctuation in system temperature.
  • Eliminates steel shoe multi-layer insulation requirement, which can delaminate over time.
  • Resin system is UV resistant, does not support heat combustion and can be combined with an intumescent coating to resist temperatures of 2,000°F for up to two hours.
  • Installation takes a fraction of the time of traditional pre-insulated metallic supports.
  • Lightweight. Can be installed and/or transported without the use of heavy-lift equipment.
  • Safely encapsulates the fragile insulation used in cryogenic piping systems, preventing costly repairs.
Standard Sizes
Nominal Pipe Size (NPS) External Dimensions Internal Dimensions Max Height
½” – 2½ 13” x 4½ 10” x 1½ 8”
3” – 8” 13” x 6½ 10” x 3½ 8”
10” – 20” 17” x 13” 14” x 10” 12”
22” – 30” 17” x 23” 14” x 20” 12”
> 30” Custom Custom Custom
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