T-Style Pipe Shoes

Key Features

t style pipe shoe

Securing Pipes with Ease

Our T-Style Pipe Shoes are simple, reliable supports that make strengthening your piping system easy. Because they’re made from solid, A36 carbon steel structural beam, they can be customized to the height, length, and strength you need. Choose from a range of styles to fit your system, including slots for banding, gussets, clamps, and more. 

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Made from solid structural beam for quality, ease, affordability, and high performance.
Don’t worry about delivery holdups or low-grade materials. These are made locally in the U.S.
Our shoes offer a highly customizable height, length, and strength. Pick the specs you need.
Pick your metal, from stainless steel to carbon steel. With carbon steel you can then pick from three finishes: plain, galvanized, or paint.
Choose the style that's best for your system, including banding slots, gussets, clamps, or liners.

T-Style Pipe Shoe Options

weld-on t style pipe shoe


Built with wide flange beam or plates

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Base tee and two clamps hold pipe in place

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u bolt


Base tee with a saddle and two u-bolts hold pipe in place

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weld on t shoe heavy duty

Heavy Duty T-Style Pipe Shoe

Built from wide flange beam, plus gussets for additional support

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clamp heavy

Heavy Duty Clamp-On

Base tee with gussets, plus two clamps hold pipe in place

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u bolt heavy

Heavy Duty U-Bolt-On

Based tee with gussets and a saddle, plus two u-bolts hold pipe in place

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T-Shoe Specifications

Weld-on T-Shoes [Standard]

Material Options

ASTM - Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS


Plain Carbon Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanied (HDG), and Painted

Load Capacity

Depends on design and application.

Custom Manufacturing

Available in different Structural Tees, lengths, and Heights/ BOPs

Additional Options

  • Banding slots
  • Slide plates
  • Gussets
  • Liner for clamps and u-bolts

Standard Sizes

Product FAQs

Which material is standard for you?

A36 carbon steel, but we can make the supports out of almost any material.

Do you have a non-welded option that can be installed in the field?

Yes, just choose the pipe clamp option, which can be bolted on.

Are these made from structural steel?

Yes, our supports are made from wide-flange structural beams.

Do you have these in stock?

Yes, we stock some of the sizes and material in-house and can quickly make these to your specifications.

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