Above ground pipeline supports, compressor/pump stations, dehydration, separation and metering facilities all benefit from the mitigation of corrosion provided by composite ProTek Wear Pads and Pipe Shoes to protect both pipe and structure. VibraTek Hold Down Clamps provide control of pipe movement around dynamic processing equipment while permitting pipe expansion due to thermal effects. A selection of lined pipe straps and coated U-Bolts can offer economic alternatives.

The adjustable pipe support can be utilized in remote regions where transportation is restricted to helicopter or light truck loads. It also provides extra support in areas of increased seismic activity.

See how our products have solved corrosion issues for many major oil and gas companies below.

Midstream Projects

Client/Project Name Location Description  
Enbridge Avinger, TX APP supplied ProTek Wear Pads, CryoTek Pipe Shoes and Metallic Pipe Supports for Enbridge in their Avinger, TX facility.  
Kinder Morgan Bostco USA, multiple sites APP was selected to supply all composite wear pads and pipe shoes for uninsulated lines on the $500 million Kinder Morgan Bostco project.

ProTek Pipe Shoes and ProTek wear Pads (2,000 of each) were delivered and installed on-site, eliminating 6 weeks from the original 2-month installation timeline.
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Koch Industries USA, multiple sites APP has manufactured large diameter (up to 36”) ProTek Wear Pads for Koch and its subsidiaries to be used in pumping stations and pipeline applications.  
Oxy Permian Jayton, TX APP supplied hundreds of VibraTek Hold Down Clamps for all reciprocating compressors for an Oxy Salt Creek Expansion project, located in Jayton, Texas.