Pipe Restraints

Pipe Clamps, Pipe Straps, and U-Bolts

Restraining pipe movement in process systems is key to extending the life of many of the components. While some applications call for prohibiting movement, others require specialized clamping devices that allow controlled movement.

Depending on the application, we can provide a variety of materials in conjunction with the clamp, strap, or u-bolt to minimizing downtown at your facility.

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Standard U-Bolts

Our Standard U-Bolts meet all your fundamental pipe restraining needs for many industrial applications. These u-bolts will get the job done in bost restraint and guide applications.
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ProTek U-Bolts

We stock and supply a wide range of U-bolts and accessories for process piping systems. From plain carbon steel to lined and Zylan coated options, we have the u-bolt that fits your need.
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Urethane-lined Hold Down Straps

Our APP Urethane Lined Hold Down Strap is designed to protect the coating of uninsulated carbon steel pipes. When used in combination with our ProTek Wear Pads, your pipe is protected from corrosion from top to bottom.
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VibraTek Hold Down Clamps

Our APP VibraTek Hold Down Clamp is the premier solution to problems associated with vibration in piping systems. Our proprietary VibraTek liner is constructed to absorb vibration from compressors and reciprocating equipment to prolong the life of your piping system.
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