Get More

What does "Get More" mean?

That depends on who we're working with, and what they need more of.

More speed. More reliability. More trust.

Many clients are focused on receiving a quality, trustworthy product that's easy to install. To
them, we deliver “more” in the form of fast
delivery times, and a product that will be
reliable now, and in the long run.

More possibilities.

Some clients need to see what we can do
today, and how it will effect and enhance
their tomorrow. They want more information,
more education, and chances to make better recommendations. For them, we provide “more”
in the form of a partnership that is focused on forward-thinking problem solving.

A little more of everything.

One thing every client receives in spades:
APP's willingness to go the extra mile to
make your projects a success today, and a
part of your legacy of smart decision-making down the road.

Not just a partner. A proactive partner.

When we work with a client, we work with a client. Our goal is to provide a premium product, and the customer support and education that make the experience a win for everyone involved. Take a look at how we paired with ExxonMobil NRD to do just that.

ExxonMobil NRD

Twin projects—both the Baton Rouge and
Baytown refineryrequired composite
pipe supports.

$400M estimated overall construction cost.


Was chosen as the solution provider of composite pipe supports. We performed on-site installation training for multiple contractors.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings directly linked to ease of installation and increased product knowledge.

The CryoTek Pipe Shoe vs. a sledgehammer

Also known as an "impact resistance check."

Our CryoTek Pipe Shoe is a cutting-edge, non-metallic pipe support solution that stands up to extreme temperatures. That sentence alone answers a lot of questions—but one customer had a question that would reduce the CryoTek's toughness, durability, and with-stand-it-ness to a single, yes-or-no answer.

That question was: 'Will it stand up to a blow from a ten-pound sledgehammer?"

This video is our answer. And we wouldn't be posting it if that answer 
wasn't a very loud, extremely satisfying “Hell, yeah!”