Urethane-lined Hold Down

APP’s Urethane-lined Hold Down Strap is designed to protect the coating of uninsulated carbon steel pipes. We mold a heavy duty polyurethane liner to the inner diameter of our straps to ensure that delamination does not occur, even in extreme applications. Our lining material is the same that is used for pipe rollers in offshore applications. We also supply polyolefin lined U-bolts for lighter duty applications. We can supply both in your desired finish: galvanized, Xylan coated, or Teflon coated.

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Urethane-lined Hold Down Strap

Hold Down Strap
The strap’s heavy duty build permits it to be a solution for situations in which a U-Bolt is too weak and a hold down clamp would be overkill.

Urethane Liner
Molded into hold down strap’s inner diameter and heat cured for high performance protection.

Urethane-lined Hold Down Straps Specifications
Metal Composition Hot-dipped galvanized carbon steel
Urethane Composition APP-UT80A
Hardness 80 Shore A
Temperature Range -40°F to +175°F
Installation Field install
Required accessories None
Custom manufacturing Other sizes and special configurations available upon request. Metal can be galvanized, Xylan coated or Teflon coated. Urethane properties can be modified if necessary for temperature or hardness parameters.
  • Eliminates metal-to-metal contact, preventing corrosion, and extending the life of the piping system
  • Liner is molded directly into the strap inner diameter to ensure high quality performance
  • Since the liner is not bonded but molded, there is no concern for delamination
  • Our liner contains UV inhibitors to protect against UV attack
Standard Sizes
Pipe Size Strap Thickness Urethane Thickness
1” to 8” ¼” ¼”
10” to 14” ⅜” ¼”
16” to 24” ½” ¼”
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