T-Slide Metallic Pipe Shoes

Our T-Style pipe shoes are the most simple and cost-effective solution to support your piping system. They are welded to the pipe to ensure a secure fit and can be customed based on your needs. Our standard offering comes hot-dipped galvanized to mitigate the challenges of corrosion. 

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Weld-on T-Style Pipe Shoes

Our standard Weld-on T-Style Pipe Shoes are made from wide flange beam tees and are a simple installation leveraging standard welding techniques.
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Bolt-on T-Style Pipe Shoes

Our Bolt-on T-Style Pipe Shoes are fabricated with two clamps to hold the pipe in place. These supports allow for leveraging many of the isolators and liners we have available to prevent metal-to-metal contact and wear and tear to your piping system.

U-Bolt-on T-Style Pipe Shoes

Our U-Bolt-on T-Style Pipe Shoes are fabricated to allow you to leverage a saddle and u-bolt to install your pipe shoes. With two u-bolts to hold the pipe in place, you can guide or restrain your pipe as you see fit. Out pipe shoes can be lined with almost any of our isolators and liners to prevent metal-to-metal contact and protect your piping system.