Composite Wear Pads

APP composite wear pads isolate pipes from contact with other metals, preventing friction damage and corrosion of dissimilar metals (galvanic corrosion). This is the most effective corrosion prevention system for un-insulated piping available on the market today and is designed to isolate your pipe from the rack, preventing the metal-to-metal contact.

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ProTek Composite Wear Pads

APP ProTek Wear Pads are designed to fit seamlessly to the outside diameter of any pipe size. They are in stock, easily installed with APP’s epoxy system and effectively isolate the pipe from contact with I-Beams, guides or concrete supports by acting as a robust barrier.
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ProTek Package

Our ProTek Package incorporates three of our best corrosion preventing solutions: ProTek Wear Pad, ProTek Lined U-Bolts and ProTek Flat Plate. Our ProTek Package prevents corrosion on pipe and structural support steel from every angle.
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AeroTek Cradle

The APP AeroTek Cradle is a cost-effective way to protect insulation on pipe in hot or cold services from abrasion at the support point.
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