AeroTek Cradle

APP’s AeroTek Cradle is a cost-effective way to protect pipe insulation from support point abrasion in hot or cold services. Fiber reinforced, vinyl ester resin is formed to the exact dimensions of the insulation system. The composite cradle is banded to the piping assembly at the support locations using stainless steel bands. The bands are recessed in grooves cut into the outer surface of the cradle to prevent contact with the support underneath. Full scale laboratory testing indicates only nominal wear of the cradle after simulated multi-year service.

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AeroTek Cradle

Industry standard stainless steel bands are used for easy installation, while recessed banding slots prevent metal-to-metal contact with support underneath.

Compatible with all load-bearing insulation systems, the cradle is formed to the exact diameter of your insulation system to evenly distribute the load.

Fiber reinforced, vinyl ester resin is formed to exact dimensions of the insulation system.

AeroTek Cradle Specifications
Composition APP-VEFR
Maximum Load Depends on load bearing insulation
Temperature Range -320°F to +400°F
Installation Field install, no welding
Required accessories
  • Banding clips
  • Fastener
Custom manufacturing Will fabricate to your specific dimensions
  • Eliminates the need for pre-insulated pipe supports
  • Does not require a break in insulation like traditional welded or clamp on supports
  • Compatible with any type of load bearing insulation
  • Eliminates corrosion issues associated with traditional metallic supports
  • Lightweight for ease of installation
Available Sizes Standard sizes available upon request
Pricing Request Pricing for this product