Chevron Collaborated with APP to Develop a Custom Solution

Chevron Collaborated with APP to Develop a Custom Solution

After experiencing astronomical replacement and maintenance costs related to plastic halfrod usage (and failure) in the course of their Tahiti project, Chevron was looking for a lasting and cost-effective replacement for their upcoming Jack and St. Malo project. APP’s wear pads were the right fit, replacing the problematic plastic half-rod and contributing to a streamlined modular build (as APP wear pads don’t require on-site installation). Chevron and APP worked together to develop the ProTek Package, a unique solution that addressed their previous challenges — and installed 13,000 APP Wear Pads, U-Bolts, and Flat Plates.

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APP ProTek Packages installed


Installation training sessions provided

30+ Years

evaluation of APP products' offshore lifespan

CLIENT Chevron
INDUSTRY FPU Offshore Platform
PRODUCT APP Protek Package (includes ProTek Wear Pad,
ProTek U-Bolt and ProTek Flat Plate)
  • Jack and St. Malo boasts the world’s largest semisubmersible offshore platform hull.
  • The platform lies 270 miles south of New Orleans, meaning the costs of shipping possible replacement parts was a concern.
  • The platform’s exacerbated marine climate made corrosion a top consideration.
  • APP worked with Chevron to develop a long-lasting custom solution—Chevron joked that “These pipe supports may last longer than our pipes themselves.”


Chevron had used plastic half-rod supports in their recent Tahiti project. The weight of the pipe led to breakage of the plastic rods; natural expansion/ contraction of the pipe also caused the plastic halfrods to shift. Chevron reported changing out these supports every four to five years, and the costs of shipping replacement parts and employing repair personnel was becoming prohibitive.

To avoid this challenge on their Jack and St. Malo platform, the APP ProTek Wear Pad was being considered as a replacement. However, there was some concern that the APP solution could rub the coating from beams. In addition to wear pads, Chevron also needed demonstrably corrosion-resistant pipe supports. To address these concerns, APP worked closely with Chevron to develop an entirely new solution.


To address the client’s focus on protecting the beam’s coating, APP created a custom solution — the ProTek Package.

  • This product combines three existing APP solutions (the ProTek Wear Pad, the ProTek U-Bolt, and the ProTek Flat Plate), providing 360 degrees of protection for the pipe and the I-beam on which it sits.
  • In order to ensure project success, APP also worked closely with the many fabricators, contractors, and subcontractors on the project, delivering on-site installation trainings designed to prolong the products’ (and the project’s) lifeline.
  • An additional benefit to Chevron was the ability to paint over APP’s wear pads, offering further protection from the saline marine environment.
  • This project’s success led to further collaboration with Chevron on projects including their Lucius, Anadarko Heidelberg, and Appomattox platforms.