Gulf Pascagoula LNG Achieved Large-scale Installation Savings

Gulf Pascagoula LNG Achieved Large-scale Installation Savings

Delivery timing for appropriate pipe shoes was a significant issue for the Gulf Pascagoula LNG project. APP was chosen to deliver CryoTek Pipe Shoes to meet the project’s needs — they knew that delivery and installation timelines would be crucial. By choosing a pipe support that features a streamlined installation process, Gulf LNG saved over $1M, shortened their installation timeline by six months and became the first LNG project in the United States to use cold composite pipe shoes.

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months in construction time saved


LNG project in the U.S. to use cold composite pipe shoes


saved in pipe shoe installation costs

INDUSTRY Cold/Cryogenic Process
PRODUCT CryoTek Pipe Shoe
  • The Gulf Pascagoula LNG Terminal is part of the overall development of the Gulf LNG Liquefaction Project.
  • The LNG regasification terminal is an unloading dock for 250,000 cubic-meter LNG tankers, designed to accommodate 15.6 million metric tons of LNG per year.
  • The LNG Pascagoula project featured more than five miles of 36" pipeline in need of supports that could handle cryogenic temperatures.
  • At the time of the project’s installation, pipe shoe resources were scarce, with most being routed to Chevron’s Gorgon project off the coast of Australia.
  • With an ever-shortening timeline, they were looking for a cost-efficient, in-stock alternative that would provide lasting success.


The client was aware of APP’s CryoTek pipe shoes’ successful usage in ethylene production facilities, and saw an opportunity to apply them as an LNG pipeline solution. After extensive testing of the CryoTek Pipe Shoe, the client decided to go forward with APP — and APP delivered, meeting their deadline. Had metallic pipe shoes been sourced instead, the shipping costs alone would have added up to a significant amount. Add to that the cost of installation requiring heavy-lift equipment, and the project budget could have been seriously impacted.


2,000 APP pipe supports for pipes sized 4" – 36", including the CryoTek Pipe Shoe, helped our clients meet their time and budget goals. This lightweight pipe shoe was developed for use in cryogenic conditions, and features a streamlined installation process. In addition, it:

  • Eliminates steel shoe multi-layer insulation requirement, which can delaminate over time.
  • Can be installed and/or transported without the use of heavy-lift equipment.
  • Can be installed in a fraction of the time of traditional pre-insulated metallic supports.