A Non-Metallic Solution Enabled a Faster, Easier Installation.

A Non-Metallic Solution Enabled a Faster, Easier Installation.

Kinder Morgan’s Bostco storage facility project was in a time crunch, with two months on the clock and 65 million barrels of distillate fuel in need of a home. They needed a replacement for the metallic shoe solution they were employing (and the corrosion it invited), and APP was able to deliver 2,000 corrosion-resistant composite pipe shoes and faster installation times (while knocking six weeks off the project timeline). Kinder Morgan weighed their options and ended up with a lighter pipe shoe—and some heavy, long-lasting benefits.

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2,000 of Each

APP ProTek Pipe Shoes and ProTek Wear Pads Delivered

6 Weeks

Eliminated from Original Two-Month Installation Timeline

Zero Welding

Required—And Significant Installation Costs Saved

CLIENT Kinder Morgan
INDUSTRY Midstream
PRODUCT APP ProTek Wear Pads and ProTek Pipe Shoes
  • Kinder Morgan Bostco is a storage facility on the Houston Ship Channel designed to support the storage and transport of black oil.
  • The facility provides high-speed loading and improved barge and ship access to the Texas Gulf Coast for the export and import of various refined products.
  • APP was selected to supply all composite wear pads and pipe shoes for uninsulated lines on this $500 million project.


Kinder Morgan’s Bostco storage facility was slated to hold 51 tanks of residual fuel, feedstocks, distillates, and other black oils, plus six tanks of other distillate products. The 57 tanks were to house a total of 6.5 million barrels of fuel. The problem? Sea air and salt water—that adds up to corrosion. The original engineering company’s approach to avoiding corrosion involved a metallic pipe shoe and a round bar welded to the beam, which was creating unnecessary expense during installation—and inviting future worries around the possibility of the shoe impinging necessary system movement, creating unsafe conditions for personnel and lasting piping system damage. The timeline for new pipe shoe delivery and installation? Two months.


APP delivered 2,000 ProTek Pipe Shoes and 2,000 ProTek Wear Pads to be installed on-site, requiring zero welding (and zero round bars). The composite APP pipe shoes helped Kinder Morgan avoid the corrosion and binding issues around metallic pipe shoes and offered a quicker, easier installation. They were also delivered within a two week timeframe— six weeks shorter than the project’s estimated twomonth window for pipe shoe installation. APP:

  • Performed all installation training with Kinder Morgan employees and contractors.
  • Executed testing to demonstrate compatibility of APP ProTek Pipe Shoe with current solution.
  • Significantly shortened timeline on pipe shoe and wear pad delivery and installation.