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What's the difference between a 212 Pipe Clamp and a 260 Clevis Hanger?


For the team at APP, comparing the uses and benefits of a fig. 212 Pipe Clamps and fig. 260 Clevis Hangers is an engaging topic. For some others, perhaps, the distinction may be a little vague, yet critical in certain circumstances.

What is the difference between a hose, a tube, and a pipe?


 When I came across this questions, I fully expect the answer to be something rather straightforward, and to learn a neat new party fact that applied to pipe hangers and supports, but it's a bit more complicated than that. I'm impressed with...

What is a Repad?

A pad is a pad is a pad, right? Wrong!  But we're the wear pad people, right?! Well  not exactly. Wear pads are what we're more commonly known for, but that's not all that customers request. They send us all sorts of requests and one of the...

5 Applications Where Ignoring Composites Could be Detrimental

Large, above-ground composites storage tanks are being used in a variety of chemical and water storage applications.

The Next 50 Years of Composites: 8 Composites Trends to Watch

Composites could be widely used throughout the railroad industry for things such as car design, cross-ties and hot rails. Use of composites would reduce energy usage, track repair costs and improve corrosion resistance.