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4 Facts on Dissimilar Metal Corrosion

If you’re a builder, you probably already know the dangers of combining dissimilar metals. It can lead to corrosion, failed fittings, and completely destroyed piping systems. But it isn’t always easy to understand dissimilar metal corrosion’s root...

Standard U-Bolts vs. ProTek U-Bolts

You’re ready to start your next project, and you need a simple, but efficient, pipe restraint. You’re in the right place. U-bolts help keep piping in line and corrosion free. However, you still have an important decision ahead—do you go with a ...

U-Bolt 101: The Simple Facts

U-bolts may seem simple. After all, they’re just a bent piece of steel, right? Don’t let their simplicity fool you, U-bolts can be the difference between solid structures and on-site disasters.

3 Rules for Installing Steel Pipe Clamps More Successfully

Let’s face it: Sometimes piping just doesn’t fit in well with its surroundings. Sometimes it needs to be distanced from a wall or ceiling. Maybe you need it lifted off a corrosive beam or floor. After all, exposure to microbes, water, or the wrong...

5 Things to Include in Your RFQ

Preparing paperwork isn’t always the most fun part of a new project. In fact, if you’re not used to the process, it can be completely overwhelming.  

However, putting together a solid request for quotation (RFQ) is an important way to get the best...

The Intro Guide to Dissimilar Metals

Ever wonder why steel wool rusts when it’s left sitting on a stainless steel sink? Ever notice how aluminum foil covering lasagna will be eaten away if it’s wrapped around a steel pan?

Both are examples of what can happen when you put dissimilar...

4 Questions to Ask Your Pipe Support Manufacturer

Manufacturing can seem like a massive, automated industry. After all, it contributed more than $2 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2018. However, when you’re making a deal with a manufacturer, you’ll want the experience to be personal.

We understand...