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Using Liners to Extend the Life of Pipe Restraints

When it comes to pipe restraints, the role of liners is often underestimated. These features can dramatically extend the life of not only your pipe restraints but also your entire piping system. 

What Are Clevis Hangers Used For?

Need to suspend pipes and keep your pipe system corrosion-free? Clevis hangers might be the most useful and reliable pipe support you’ll find. Still, many piping pros overlook these handy supports—and miss out on long-term savings in the process.

The Biggest Problem with Pipe Hangers and How You Can Fix It

In your piping system, reliable pipe hangers are critical. After all, they suspend massive pipes and hold up heavy structures. When they collapse or break, it could cause catastrophic damage to your system. 

Pipe Hangers and Supports for Your Next Project

Wouldn’t it be nice if all pipes ran neatly along a sturdy support? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, pipes need to run below beams or above an unreliable surface.

The Two Different Ways to Use a Welded Beam Attachment

Until now, the two different ways to use a Welded Beam Attachment were not easily understood. In fact, the topic arises in only a select number of situations.

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260 Clevis Hanger vs. 212 Pipe Clamp: What’s the Difference?

For the team at APP, comparing the uses and benefits of a fig. 212 pipe clamps and fig. 260 clevis hangers is an engaging topic. For others, the distinction may be a little vague, yet critical in certain circumstances.