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5 Ways to Tell if Your Piping System is Nearing the End of Its Life

It’s easy to be caught off guard by pipe system failures. And these unpleasant surprises can have devastating effects. Pipeline failures cost an average of $326 million every year

A New Way to Think About Pipe Shoes

What would happen if a professional baseball player stepped out onto the diamond in bowling shoes? Worse yet, what if a powerlifter strapped on cleats before hoisting up hundreds of pounds? 

In either case, the athlete’s performance would suffer....

The Best Pipe Support Advice You're Not Taking

When it comes to choosing and installing pipe supports, there may be more at stake than you realize. A mishap could mean project interruptions, on-site damages, injuries, and long-term losses. In fact, the oil and gas industry was hit by more than...

5 Ways Pipe Supports Can Make or Break Your Next Project

If you have an upcoming project, you’re probably wondering, “Do I really need quality pipe supports?” Is it worth investing in these sidekicks when they’re playing a supporting role?