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CryoTek Pipe Shoes vs. ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes

If you’ve worked with a heavy process piping system before, you already know—your pipes need protection. Left bare, metal pipes are exposed to scrapes, worn points, ruptures, and corrosion. Pipe shoes can add a layer of support that helps your whole...

How to Prevent Metal-to-Metal Contact in Piping Systems

Metal has a dangerous reputation. Most people see its sturdy structure and assume it’s nearly invincible. Unfortunately, metal-to-metal contact can severely corrode metal piping systems, which can turn into ruined pipes, destruction, and even fatal...

5 Qualities Customers Want in a Pipe Support Vendor

Blog-5 Qualities Customers Want in a Pipe Support Vendor

You’ve pinpointed your pipe support needs, and you’re ready to start shopping. On to the bidding process. The hard part’s over, right? 

Not necessarily.

If you want to have a good customer...