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Composite Pipe Supports vs. Metallic Pipe Supports: What's the Difference?

When it comes to pipe supports, materials matter. They can be the difference between a longer-lasting system and on-site disasters. But when your vendor starts pitching you on a new product’s features, it’s easy to forget about a pipe support’s most...

Cost vs. Value: What to Consider When Choosing a Pipe Support Vendor

What’s valuable to you? Family? Pizza? A cold beer and a little peace and quiet? Whatever it is, its price probably isn’t the only thing making it valuable.

And the same goes for picking out a pipe support vendor. If you want to have a valuable...

5 Things Every Pipe Restraint Should Do

Your piping system has a relentless enemy: movement. Moving pipes cause corrosion, wearing, and costly breaks. Luckily, pipe restraints can redirect movement and significantly boost the life span of your whole piping system.

However, it can be tough...

Pipe Supports: Extending the Life of a Pipe

Pipes across North America are falling apart at scary rates. According to a Utah State University study, pipe breaks were up 27 percent between 2012-2018. But there is a way to stop pipe ruptures and extend the life of pipes.

Introducing the piping...