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A Glossary of Pipe Support Manufacturing Terms

Many terms in the pipe support industry tend to get used interchangeably, so we're here to set the record straight!

What Is the Difference Between Tubes, Pipes and Hoses?

Tubes, pipes, and hoses are easy to confuse. And for understandable reasons. After all, they all carry material from point A to point B.

Is there really a difference?

There are subtle, but important, differences between these products. The sooner...

What is MSS SP-58? And Why Does It Matter?

MSS SP-58 garners little news coverage. It is not discussed at cocktail parties. In most circles, it is not discussed at all. But if you work with pipe systems, MSS SP-58 standards are likely on your mind. 

In the piping industry, it is important...

What is stainless steel and what makes it so special?

Stainless steel is a product so common in our lives that we seldom think about it. No matter how you spend your day, you are likely to be in contact with stainless steel. This metal alloy is so prevalent that the single word “stainless” is usually...

Tired of Waiting on Vendors? You're not alone.

I was putting together a presentation for the team today, and I came across some amazing stats that really showed the struggle that buyers deal with nowadays, and this one has really been on my mind.