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5 Cool Features of T-Style Pipe Shoes

Let’s face it: T-style shoes aren’t known as the most flashy pipe shoes. In fact, they’ve been a staple for so long that most manufacturers don’t know whether to call them “T-style shoes,” “T-styles,” “T-slides,” or something else.

Custom Pipe Supports

Let’s face it: There won’t always be a cookie-cutter solution for problems in the piping industry. Chances are, at some point, you’ll have custom needs pop up. You may be up against an especially harsh environment, have a mistake throw a wrench into...

Putting an End to Corroded Pipes

If you need your piping system to perform, corroded pipes are the enemy. Once corrosion sets in, it can spread, weaken your whole system, and cost millions of dollars in damage

Pipe Support Trends and Innovations

The industrial piping industry is growing fast. Some estimates say the market will hit $21.7 billion by 2023. But as the industry advances, the destructive forces pipes are up against aren’t budging. 

Using Repads to Support Your Piping System

You want to keep your piping system free from weak spots and corrosion. But what happens when you need to add a branch pipe onto your main pipe run? How do you cut into pipes and add new avenues without putting the whole system in danger?