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5 Ways to Isolate Dissimilar Metals

In the piping industry, the mere mention of dissimilar metals is terrifying. Dissimilar metal corrosion can destroy pipes, weaken pipe supports, and cause piping to collapse. Worse yet, once corrosion starts, it can spread throughout your entire...

Welding Dissimilar Metals: Dos and Don'ts

Chances are, you’ve heard the horror stories about welding dissimilar metals. Taking the right precautions during these dangerous welds can mean the difference between improving your process piping system and causing long-term headaches.

The Intro Guide to Dissimilar Metals

Ever wonder why steel wool rusts when it’s left sitting on a stainless steel sink? Ever notice how aluminum foil covering lasagna will be eaten away if it’s wrapped around a steel pan?

Both are examples of what can happen when you put dissimilar...