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Tricks to Enhancing Your T-Style Metallic Pipe Shoes

If you’re interested in T-style metallic pipe shoes, you’ve probably run into a tricky issue. They’re a great way to elevate and secure pipes. However, they’re made of metal. With that comes the danger of metal-on-metal corrosion, ruptures, or wear.

Houston Pipe Support Manufacturer Specializing in Composite Pipe Supports

For the past 28 years at APP, we’ve designed, manufactured, and sold advanced pipe supports. We’ve worked hard to deliver the industry’s best-quality piping products, and I think we’ve accomplished that goal.

Epoxy Adhesive: Everything You Need to Know

Adhesives are one of those essential products that tend to be overlooked. They’re barely visible and hardly noticed ... until they fail. The reality is this: If your supports aren’t properly bonded, it could lead to disjointed parts, damaged...

What Is a Pipe Shoe?

If you work with a process piping system, you undoubtedly understand how heavy piping, high pressure, and harsh conditions lead to a need for support. You don’t want pipes resting directly on beams or gritty surfaces. That could turn into ruptures,...