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APP Celebrates 25 Years of Pipe Support Innovation

APP celebrated its silver anniversary this February after 25 years of pioneering innovation in the composite pipe support industry. Founded by Jon Carr on February 23, 1991, APP was launched based on a practical vision: composites could provide protection against the corrosion and wear experienced by steel pipes. Out of this idea, the ProTek Composite Wear Pad was born. By combining the strength of glass and the flexibility of plastic resin, this innovative product charged headlong into a world where steel reigned supreme.

APP's Founder, Jon Carr

After two and half decades, APP has provided pipe supports for hundreds of projects around the world and continues to revolutionize the pipe support industry with its composite products. The same core concept behind the ProTek Composite Wear Pad and the ProTek Pipe Shoe has been combined with cutting edge technology to support the massive 72” pipelines used in LNG service that reach temperatures of -320°F. The CryoTek Pipe Shoe is evidence of the ongoing evolution that's occured from Jon's foundation concept.

ProTek Composite Wear Pads, ProTek Composite Pipe Shoes, CryoTek Pipe Shoes

As APP moves forward, we are committed to working with our customers to provide innovative composite solutions to your pipe support and protection needs.