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4 Questions to Ask Your Pipe Support Manufacturer

Manufacturing can seem like a massive, automated industry. After all, it contributed more than $2 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2021. However, when you’re making a deal with a manufacturer, you’ll want the experience to be personal.

We understand...

APP: Women in Manufacturing

APP Manufacturing is a certified women-owned business—something that may come as a bit of a surprise in an industry where women have long been underrepresented.

5 Ways to Isolate Dissimilar Metals

In the piping industry, the mere mention of dissimilar metals is terrifying. Dissimilar metal corrosion can destroy pipes, weaken pipe supports, and cause piping to collapse. Worse yet, once corrosion starts, it can spread throughout your entire...

Carbon Steel vs. Stainless Steel: What’s the Big Deal?

Many of us seldom consider all the differences in steel products. The two most common types are carbon and stainless steel, and they have several unique characteristics.

How to Use Pipe Anchors and Guides

Want to add more support to your piping system? Anchors and guides could be the workhorses you’re looking for. These pipe supports are built to solidify pipes, control movement, and lengthen the lifespan of your piping system.

A Quick Guide to Stanchion Pipe Supports

When a pipe system fails, the consequences can be dire. A single pipe failure can stop production, endanger workers, damage your broader system, and drive up costs. Pipe stanchions are designed to prevent those costly failures. They can solidify...

Leveraging Pipe Stanchions in Your Pipe System

Your piping system is carrying heavy loads, under tremendous pressure, and constantly being pulled in multiple directions at once. If you want to stabilize your pipe system, anchor horizontal piping, and fortify your pipes, there are heavy-duty pipe...

FAQ: The Difference Between Trunnions and Dummy Legs

The process piping world is packed with fun, and sometimes confusing, terms. At the top of the list aretrunnions and dummy legs. Because they’re often mentioned together, it is only natural to wonder, “What is the difference between trunnions and...

Using Metal Pipe Clamps to Reinforce Your Pipe System

Want to fortify your pipe system? Metal pipe clamps may be the all-stars that protect your pipes and save you a fortune. These versatile pipe supports keep pipes strong and enhance your pipe system’s performance. 

What Is a Trunnion Support in Piping?

Trunnion pipe supports may not be the most flashy pipe supports out there, but they’re critical if you want to protect your piping system. In fact, without pipe trunnion support, high-performance piping systems could collapse—leaving you with...