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The Two Different Ways to Use a Welded Beam Attachment

The Two Different Ways to Use a Welded Beam Attachment

Until now, the two different ways to use a Welded Beam Attachment were not easily understood. In fact, the topic arises in only a select number of situations.

The team of professionals at APP know all about this, and other topics related to pipe supports for the petrochemical, refining, solar, marine, and other industries. Free free to use us as your trusted resource for buyers and supply chain professionals who are in a pinch like with your welded beam attachment. If you're already confused, click below and give us a shot with whatever you're struggling. 

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What is a Welded Beam Attachment?

As the name implies, the Welded Beam Attachment also referenced by figure 66 or referred to as a Type-22 (from the MSS SP-58 Standard) is intended to be welded to a beam. The part is a U-shaped carbon steel accessory that attaches to the underside of beams to support heavy piping.

How is the Attachment Used?

The Welded Beam Attachments are useful for two different applications in the piping industry. In both instances, the attachment must be field-welded to a support beam to support heavy loads.

Application Option 1: Allowing Axial Flexibility 

With the U-shape pointed downward, the flat portion of the attachment is field-welded to a support beam. Flexibility results from a weldless eye nut (Type-17) attachment that allows movement along the axis around the bolt or pin.

Application Option 2: Allowing Vertical Adjustment

When the legs of a fig. 66 Attachment are field-welded to the beam, the inverted piece allows the pipe hanger to raise or lower the piping. Height changes are accomplished by adjusting a threaded rod up or down. The adjustability range is between 1-7/8” to 2-7/8” depending on the size of the pipe. This application can be used up to 1 ¼”  diameter rods, which according to MSS SP-58, can take you as big as 30" pipe in some applications and will support an impressive 9,500 lbs at 650°F or less.

Ordering Welded Beam Attachments

To order one, we need just a few details to get you rolling. The required information is:

  • Name: Welded Beam Attachment
  • Size: Figure 66 Welded Beam Attachments range in size from supporting rod sizes from 3/8” to 3 ½”. We've provided the table below to make this more straight forward.
  • The finish of the carbon steel: Plain or hot-dipped galvanized (HDG)

"Minimum Recommended Rod Diameter by Pipe Size (MSS SP-58)

Pipe Size (NPS) Rod Diamater
 1/4  3/8
 3/8  3/8
 1/2  3/8
 3/4  3/8
1     3/8
1 1/4  3/8
1 1/2  3/8
2     3/8
2 1/2  1/2
3     1/2
3 1/2  1/2
4     5/8
5     5/8
6     3/4
8     3/4
10     7/8
12     7/8
14    1   
16    1   
18    1   
20    1 1/4
24    1 1/4
30    1 1/4


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