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5 Reasons Your Piping Project Needs Adjustable Pipe Supports


In the piping world, change is inevitable. You’re constantly up against unexpected twists, calls for upgrades, and unpredictable events. 

Are your pipe supports designed to meet changes head-on? 

If you want to save time, money, and headaches on your next job, adjustable pipe supports may be the perfect solution. In this article, we cover the ins and outs of adjustable pipe supports and pin down the five reasons your next piping project needs these flexible additions. 

How Do Adjustable Pipe Supports Look in Action?

Adjustable pipe supports can come in a variety of styles, but they tend to be made up of a saddle and an adjustable stand. The support section harnesses the pipe and can sometimes be secured with a pipe restraint, such as an adjustable U-bolt. By turning a lock nut or other rotating piece on the stand, you can lift or lower pipes. 

The result?

Your pipes are elevated by supports, and you can easily adjust the vertical alignment of pipes. That way, you can get underneath pipes to clean them, conduct maintenance, or make other critical changes to your piping system. 

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What Are the Advantages of Adjustable Pipe Supports?

Wondering what makes adjustable pipe supports special? Here are five of their biggest advantages:

1. They Provide More Safety

When pipeline failures occur, it can cost you more than money, potentially putting your on-site team in danger. And if a pipeline fails, collapses, or ruptures, you’ll want to act fast. 

Adjustable supports allow you to make adjustments quickly without having to cut through existing structures. Because they give you easy access to pipes, they add a layer of safety for when unexpected events strike your team.

2. They’re Reliable in All Weather 

When severe weather hits a piping system, it can force last-minute adjustments. You may need to protect pipes, adjust the security of pipes, or make any number of spur-of-the-moment changes to keep your system running smoothly in adverse conditions. 

Adjustable pipe supports make it easy to make little tweaks to your piping system without having to break down and reassemble whole sections of pipe. That means you can correct for the weather without worrying about replacing parts.

3. They Save Your Team Time and Money

One big advantage of using adjustable pipe supports is that they reduce the number of welds you need to make in your piping system. Because most adjustable supports are secured with a U-bolt or open saddle, they don’t need to be permanently fixed to the pipe. That means you don’t need to weld them or cut supports and reweld if you need to add runs in the future. 

Remember, welding can be great when necessary, but it should be kept to a minimum. Welds require extra care, inspections, and specialized labor. In addition to creating extra work and higher costs, welds can also add weak spots to your piping system. Adjustable supports reduce the number of welds you need to make and care for.

4. They Make Maintenance Easier 

If you want to fight corrosion, it’s important to regularly clean piping and protect against surface wear. Unfortunately, if you can’t access the areas under pipes or supports, pipes could be in danger of corrosion

With adjustable supports, it’s easier to spot the early signs of corrosion and protect pipes without having to make large structural changes. After all, accessing underlying pipe surfaces is as easy as adjusting your pipe support and lifting piping up. 

5. They Provide More Room for Error

Let’s face it: Mistakes happen. But if you have no way of adjusting horizontal pipe runs, and installation errors or last-minute changes pop up, you’re stuck with the consequences. 

If you need to adjust, expand, or add to a job, it’s simply easier to do so with adjustable pipe supports. Overall, they give engineers and project managers more wiggle room if piping needs to be adjusted.

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