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The Real Value You Should Look for in Pipe Support Manufacturers


How important is choosing the right pipe support manufacturer? It might seem like a minor decision at the beginning of a project. But as soon as things kick off, your manufacturer can be the difference between smooth sailing and complete catastrophes.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize how important choosing the right pipe support manufacturer is until they’re stuck with project delays, poor products, and on-site disruptions.

Luckily, a little research now can save you headaches later on. Before you start narrowing down manufacturers for your next project, look for these characteristics:

Your Pipe Support Manufacturer Should Be Knowledgeable

Of course, nobody wants to work with a company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. But the best manufacturers will have more than a basic understanding of the industry. They should know how pipe supports will affect your system and what quality pipe supports should do.  

And you don’t have to write out a complex quiz to know if a manufacturer has a firm grasp on pipe supports. Just make sure they can handle these questions:

  • How will products improve the performance of my entire piping system?
  • How will pipe supports stop corrosion?
  • How can I reduce wear?
  • How do products reduce long-term costs?

Overall, the most valuable pipe support manufacturers will understand the forces your system is up against. And they’ll know how pipe supports can drive stronger long-term performance. 

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Seek out Honest Manufacturers

With so much going on over the course of a project, who has time to sniff out dishonesty? If a pipe support manufacturer makes promises, it should be able to deliver. Here are some ways to pinpoint an honest pipe support provider:

  • Read online reviews 
  • Ask questions on online forums 
  • Talk to other professionals in your network  

By checking in on a company’s reputation early on, you can avoid delays, completely halted projects, and contract complications later on. 

The Best Manufacturers Put Quality First

When you’re dealing with piping systems, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. And the most valuable pipe support vendors know it. Your vendor should recognize quality products and only put out the best solutions. 

Wondering exactly what a quality pipe support looks like? Here are some things valuable supports will do:

  • Stop corrosion
  • Prevent wear and eliminate metal-on-metal contact
  • Reduce damage from movement
  • Minimize heat or energy transfer
  • Extend the lifespan of piping systems

Beyond just offering high-quality products, your pipe support manufacturer should have a proven record of quality control. Some studies suggest human error causes more unplanned downtime in manufacturing than in any other sector. 

Careless design can end up completely wrecking a project. That’s why it’s important that manufacturers stand by their products and have a reputation for paying attention to detail at every step of the process.

Always Pick out a Partner

Trust is at the heart of the industry. If you’re stuck on a project with a vendor you can’t depend on, those mistakes could land squarely on your shoulders. That’s why you shouldn’t just look for a pipe support manufacturer. Instead, seek out partners.

Here are a few indicators to tip you off to the right pipe support partner:

How responsive are they? Pay attention to how responsive vendors are to your needs, especially in the early stages of the bidding process. 

Are they willing to answer questions beyond price? Sure, most manufacturers will be fine with shooting you a quick price. Better outfits will answer your questions and help you understand what solutions will work best for your system.

Is delivery fast and reliable? It doesn’t matter how long you took to pick out that perfect product. If it doesn’t get to you on time, it’s going to cause problems. The right manufacturer will have a reputation for fast and reliable delivery. 

Look for Competitive Pricing

Certainly, lower upfront prices will be an important factor on projects, but better pricing will be built on value. 

In some instances, the lowest bidder won’t always offer the best value in the long run. If you jump on a cheap bid and get a low-quality pipe support, it could end up leading to breakdowns, reordering, or project delays down the line. Ultimately, that means paying more. 

Not sure how to strike that balance between cost and quality? 

Simple: Ask your potential vendors to explain costs. If they care about your success, they’ll be happy to break down costs and eager to create the right mix of quality and cost.

Take the Next Steps in Picking the Perfect Pipe Support Supplier

These tips should help you pick out pipe support manufacturers that offer more value. Next up? It’s time to send out your request for quotations (RFQs). And we can help with that process too. Download our RFQ Checklist for step-by-step ways to create and send RFQs that deliver success.