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Wear Pad Differences

Not all wear pads are created equal. Today we're going to highlight some of the differences and show you how can you tell if you're getting a quality FRP product.

If you're like most people, you'll think that all wear pads and pipe supports are the same, but don't think so fast. Many companies sell imitation FRP wear pads, which are cut up sections of FRP pipe. These products are not as effective in preventing pipe corrosion as a quality product and we're here to explain why. 

Precise Fit

First thing you're going to notice if the fit of the product when installing it. APP ProTek Wear Pads are engineered to the precise outer diameter of standard steel pipe. This allows them to fit tightly to the pipe.  In image A, you can see the snug fit between our wear pads and standard steel pipe. When used with our epoxy system, this close fit allow the epoxy to fill and adhere the wear pad completely, and prevents moisture and debris from building up against the pipe. This in turn prevents pipe corrosion. Image B shows you how a cut section of FRP pipe does not fit closely to the pipe and will lead to gaps and vulnerability to the elements for moisture and debris to accumulate and for corrosion to form.


ProTek Wear Pad (Image A)

Competitor’s wear pads (Image B)

wear-pad-differences-ours.jpg wear-pad-differences-theirs.jpg


Rough ‘Em Up

The second major difference is found on the inside. Our ProTek Wear Pads are roughened prior to being shipped to you to allow for maximum epoxy adhesion. If the surface goes unroughened, the epoxy will have less ability to adhere to the wear pad and could create potential for corrosion. Image C compares a roughened wear pad to a slick, smooth one. A roughened wear pad, left, provides optimal epoxy adhesion.


Image C


Now you know – not all wear pads are created equally. When purchasing, you’ve got to make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. If you buy from APP, you’ll get a dependable wear pad each and every time. Learn more about APP ProTek Wear Pads!

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