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4 Qualities to Look for in ProTek Products

Blog-4 Qualities to Look for in ProTek Products

If you’ve explored pipe supports, you’ve probably come across a familiar line of products: ProTek. However, if you’re not a manufacturer or you haven’t used these products, you probably don’t know the full meaning behind the name.

We’re here to make the support shopping process simpler. Read on for the four qualities that make ProTek products stand out.

Common Problems with Standard Pipe Supports

The sad reality is that not all pipe supports have an equal value. Lower-quality products may look similar. However, if it’s truly high quality, it will account for corrosion, minimize wear, and protect against long-term costs that affect your entire process piping system. These are some of the factors to keep in mind when you’re evaluating pipe support qualities.

What Is ProTek?

ProTek is an advanced line of products designed specifically to minimize corrosion, reduce friction wear, and correct for metal-on-metal contact. These products tend to go beyond the status quo in order to improve the strength of full piping systems. Still, if you’re shopping for pipe supports, then you probably aren’t fully familiar with what sets the ProTek line of products apart. Here are the distinctive qualities of ProTek products:

High Compressive Strength

Basically, compressive strength takes into account how much weight a support can withhold before its performance starts to drop. Compression strength is important in piping systems because if supports collapse under heavy pipes or high pressure, it can set off a chain reaction throughout the rest of the system. Suddenly, heavy pipes can crash into surrounding objects, rupture, and cause destruction. 

Additionally, as substances flow through pipes, the weight of the pipes will shift and change. In turn, if the support reinforcing that pipe can’t handle the pressure, it can buckle, break, and cause damage.

One example highlighting ProTek gear’s focus on high compressive strength is the ProTek Slide Plate. In fact, they’ve undergone American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) testing and can withhold 53,000 pounds of compression. It’s a quality that comes in handy because they’re designed to reduce friction and support massive structures, such as heavy pipes, bridges, and equipment. 

Reinforcement for Harsh Environments

Pipe supports need to be able to hold up in extreme conditions. This can mean hot and cold temperatures, as well as corrosive elements such as moisture, grime, chemicals, UV rays, and salt-heavy air. 

ProTek equipment generally features coatings that are able to withstand heat changes and include materials that slough off corrosive muck. This is usually accomplished through thermoplastic coatings and specially formulated outer layers. Take the ProTek Pipe Shoe. It’s UV resistant, shrugs off corrosive chemicals, and is made of a non-metallic composite solution. It also holds up in extreme heat and cold, with a temperature range of -320 degrees Fahrenheit to +400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Low Coefficient of Friction

Coefficient of friction (COF) is a way to measure friction. It considers the friction between two objects and the force pushing them together. With pipe supports, which interact with heavy pipes and rough metal surfaces, a low coefficient of friction means less harsh interactions. Basically, surfaces with a lower COF reduce wear on pipes and allow pipes to move more fluidly in a controlled direction.

ProTek products use coatings, advanced plastics, and finishes to reduce COF. This can keep pipes from tearing or rubbing against supports. This also lengthens the life of the supports themselves by distributing movement more evenly and in an axial direction.

For example, the ProTek U-bolt uses an advanced thermoplastic coating that reduces friction. It cradles the pipe and stops it from bouncing or shifting without the scraping damage of metal-on-metal contact.  

Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion is an ongoing and destructive problem in piping systems. And replacing whole piping systems with corrosion-resistant materials costs millions. That’s where quality piping products can save the day. In addition to being made of corrosion-resistant materials, quality piping products will stop corrosion from setting into pipes. 

ProTek products focus on protecting pipes by reducing metal-on-metal contact. When dissimilar metals interact, it can cause destructive galvanic corrosion. In turn, that means rusted pipes or weakened supports. ProTek products combat metal-to-metal corrosion through non-metallic insulators that physically separate metallic components. They also reduce other types of corrosion by minimizing friction and promoting more natural movement.

This quality is obvious in ProTek Wear Pads. They isolate pipes by adding a buffer between the pipe and I-beams or supports. That stops metal-on-metal contact and the corrosion that results when pipes scrape against concrete. 

ProTek Products In Stock

Wondering where to pick up ProTek products? Here’s a list of products we have in stock:

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