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4 Ways CryoTek Pipe Shoes Extend the Life of Your Pipe System


CryoTek Pipe Shoes have quickly become the premium solution for cooldown systems. Now, piping professionals from across the industry are waking up to the benefits of these pipe supports.

Wondering how these pipe shoes can extend the life of your pipe system and save you money? We’ve identified four ways you can use CryoTek Pipe Shoes to elevate pipe performance and rejuvenate your whole pipe system. First, let’s get into what exactly a CryoTek Pipe Shoe is.


What Are CryoTek Pipe Shoes?

CryoTek Pipe Shoes were specifically designed to elevate pipes and protect them at frigid temperatures. They’ve become the premier solution for major cooldown pipe systems, such as liquid natural gas (LNG) facilities, ethylene plants, and other cryogenic piping systems. 


These pipe shoes perform at temperatures as low as -320°F. They also feature built-in insulation, nonconductive materials, and a host of features that are crucial for keeping fragile pipes protected at frigid temperatures. 

At the same time, they aren’t exclusively for cold systems. They also hold up in temperatures higher than 400°F and can be paired with UV or temperature-resistant coatings for even higher heat protection.

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How Do CryoTek Pipe Shoes Strengthen Your Pipe System?

Wondering how these advanced pipe shoes are contributing to longer-lasting piping systems? They are built to do four key things to strengthen your pipe system.

1. Protect Cold Systems

In cold systems, ice formation and temperature changes endanger pipes. When pipes aren’t insulated or they lay directly on metal surfaces, pipe temperature may fluctuate from hot to cold or cold to hot causing extra wear and tear on your system. In cold conditions, this causes ice formation. Ice wears down your pipe’s structure, puts pipes in danger of breaking, and can cause corrosive cells to form. 

CryoTek Pipe Shoes’ composite VEFR technology stops heat transfer. The pipe shoes are also equipped with foam-insulated cores, which means they stop ice from forming in cold systems and are able to stay strong in extreme cold. That way you not only keep pipes strong but also avoid costly pipe support replacements or repairs. 

And even though CryoTek Pipe Shoes are nonmetallic, they’re extremely durable. In fact,   they hold a maximum compressive strength of 27,500 lbs per square inch, and our 6-inch shoe can support the weight equivalence of a fully-loaded Boeing 737 Airplane.  They’re also resilient enough to withstand a pounding from a 10 lb sledgehammer.


Plus, with solid internal support beams, they’re built to safely hold and protect the fragile insulation of cold pipes. That means they keep pipes from breaking and save you from high repair costs or expensive shutdowns.

2. Elevate Pipes

CryoTek Pipe Shoes elevate pipes and stay strong under the weight of heavy pipes while the adjustable height of the pipe shoe accommodates any insulation thickness. By lifting pipes off of surrounding surfaces, you can prevent wear and minimize damage. As liquids rush through pipes and heavy pipes move, they naturally scrape against the hard structures around them. Over time, this can wear down pipes and lead to ruptures or leaks. 

3. Prevent Corrosion

Corrosion is a scary force that has long haunted industrial piping pros. In fact, the annual global cost of corrosion is estimated to be in the trillions of dollars. CryoTek Pipe Shoes stop three kinds of corrosion:

  • Metal-on-metal corrosion: Whenever pipe metal scrapes against surrounding metal, something has to give. Usually, it’s the surfaces of critical pipes that give way. Even minor wearing can provide a home for corrosive materials to sneak in and spread. These holes in a pipe's surface can lead to pitting corrosion, which can devastate pipes. CryoTek Pipe Shoes add a buffer between metallic surfaces and keep them from wearing down.

  • Galvanic corrosion: Galvanic corrosion is an electrochemical reaction that can quickly turn steel or other metals into rust. It occurs when dissimilar metals are connected. Because they’re made of composite material, CryoTek shoes insulate pipes and keep dissimilar metals separate. That stops galvanic corrosion from starting in the first place.

  • Crevice corrosion: When pipes sag or lack proper drainage, liquids can pool and cause crevice corrosion. CryoTek Pipe Shoes elevate pipes, help correct flow, and lift pipes off of dangerous water pools. In turn, they protect pipes from water damage and worse corrosion.

4. Reduce Temperature Damage

Temperature changes cause pipes to expand, contract, and move. That movement is more severe when energy rushes to escape pipes. 

CryoTek Pipe Shoes are designed to isolate temperatures in both extreme heat and cold.

Their composite makeup is nonconductive, so energy stays flowing smoothly inside pipes, which reduces thermal movement, prevents ice formation, stops temperature changes within pipes, and helps pipes stay strong longer. 


Learn More About Pipe Shoes

CryoTek Pipe Shoes are a premier solution for extremely cold systems and any pipe systems that need to perform in harsh conditions. But there are even more options when it comes to elevating your pipes. 

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