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4 Common Pipe Support Failures and How to Avoid Them

When pipe supports give way, it can cause massive damage to your pipe system. After all, pipe supports have to control thousands of pounds, high pressure, and roaring liquids. 

The Anatomy of a Pipe Saddle

With massive weight, rushing liquids, and corrosive elements bearing down on your pipes, it pays to give them support. Installing pipe saddles is a simple way to transfer the pipe’s load weight onto a supporting base. 

Pipe Padding: A Quick Guide to Protecting Pipes with Wear Pads

In a high-performance piping system, your pipes are constantly being pounded. Add high impact, high pressure, and thousands of pounds of rushing liquids, and you have a recipe for demolished pipes. Make no mistake: If you want to avoid job...

3 Main Types of Pipe Shoes

Want to protect your pipes—and money—in the long run? Don’t overlook the power of pipe shoes. Pipe shoes are a must-have if you want to elevate and support piping. 

What Are Clevis Hangers Used For?

Need to suspend pipes and keep your pipe system corrosion-free? Clevis hangers might be the most useful and reliable pipe support you’ll find. Still, many piping pros overlook these handy supports—and miss out on long-term savings in the process.

How Does a Pipe Clamp Work?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pipes always fit into neat, uninterrupted runs? Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually work that way. in reality, you’ll often need to add space between pipes and walls, lift pipes off of corrosive structures, or hang them...

5 Ways Wear Pads Strengthen Pipe Systems

Pipe systems are up against a host of dangerous forces. When corrosion or wear takes hold, your system can fall apart in a hurry. But there’s a simple pipe support with a growing reputation in the piping world as a pipe protector: wear pads.

The Biggest Problem with Pipe Hangers and How You Can Fix It

In your piping system, reliable pipe hangers are critical. After all, they suspend massive pipes and hold up heavy structures. When they collapse or break, it could cause catastrophic damage to your system. 

An Introduction to Slide Plates

If your piping system includes heavy pipes, large equipment, or other massive structures, you may already know how the slightest movement can cause severe damage. With every move, these hefty structures can carve into surfaces and wreck your whole...

U-Bolts Acting as Anchors and Guides

Think U-bolts are simple pipe supports? You may be missing out on their most valuable functions. What many piping professionals don’t realize is U-bolts can work as both guides and anchors.