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Cost vs. Value: What to Consider When Choosing a Pipe Support Vendor

What’s valuable to you? Family? Pizza? A cold beer and a little peace and quiet? Whatever it is, its price probably isn’t the only thing making it valuable.

And the same goes for picking out a pipe support vendor. If you want to have a valuable...

Pipe Supports: Extending the Life of a Pipe

Pipes across North America are falling apart at scary rates. According to a Utah State University study, pipe breaks were up 27 percent between 2012-2018. But there is a way to stop pipe ruptures and extend the life of pipes.

Introducing the piping...

4 Questions to Ask Your Pipe Support Manufacturer

Manufacturing can seem like a massive, automated industry. After all, it contributed more than $2 trillion to the U.S. economy in 2018. However, when you’re making a deal with a manufacturer, you’ll want the experience to be personal.

We understand...

We're No Dummy (Leg)!

Asking about the purpose of a dummy leg can evoke many responses but none are more fascinating than how essential dummy legs are in the piping industry. In fact, as with most “legs” or support devices, a dummy leg can be a critical component to...

The Unsung Heroes of Piping Supports

Everyone knows a piping system when they see one. However, knowing that pipelines carry fluid or gases from Point A to Points B and C is only half the story. What about those unassuming supporting roles played by stanchions and trunnions? Also,...

What Is a Repad?

A pad is a pad is a pad, right? Wrong! But we're the wear pad people, right? Well, not exactly. We’re known for our wear pads and pipe supports, but that's not all that customers request. They send us all sorts of requests, and one of the items...

The APP VibraTek Hold Down Clamp—Innovation In Action

The APP VibraTek Clamp and Liner is designed to combat breakage, dampen vibration, prevent liner failure, and withstand high-pressure clamp loads.

Chevron’s Big Foot Project Launches—APP Provides Assist

APP supplied custom wear pads designed to the dimensions required for special applications encountered during the build-out. The easy installation of APP wear pads meant Chevron met construction schedules and enjoyed reduced labor costs.

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Knowledge Base Spotlight: Corrosion, Stress, Wear and Thermal Concerns in Pipe Support

Corrosion, Stress, Wear, and Thermal Concerns in Pipe Support is one of five current categories featured in our APP Knowledge Base—take a few minutes to peruse the 30+ articles in this section and get answers to your questions.